Pinnacles Hut

#49 – 3rd August 2015

This hut is the largest hut I have ever visited.

Its located in the Coromandel Forest Park and its main access is via the Kauaeranga Kauri Trail. It holds 80 people making it an ideal hut for large groups of people to be able to get into our backcountry. It was built in 1995 with the help of the Ministry of tourism.

It has two wings of bunks and a separate kitchen & dining area where the fire is (not so great for the cold bunkrooms if you’re the only one – but with a full bunkroom the body heat alone would save the day – or not – depending on temperature of course). There is a lot of decking and the fire is run with coal. A warden is present at this hut all year round and it has gas here for cooking.

The big attraction nearby is the pinnacles rock formations which you can get right up on top of with a 45 minute walk.

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