Pahautea Hut – New (Flashback)

#47(B) – 19th March 2015

This hut is brand new and has just recently opened. When my fiancée and I visited here the hut was closed for staying in (although open) and we slept in the old hut. It is nestled high up on Mt Pirongia in the Pirongia Forest Park with the most spectacular views – even more spectacular from the helipad! It is however a mountain which catches a lot of rain, so if possible time it for the weather – it’d be a shame to miss these views!

It sleeps 20 but has no heating. It has an amazing deck surrounding the hut which makes for great lounging in the sunshine. The hut can be reached via a variety of tracks and is the first hut you will encounter on the Te Araroa Trail, a trail which spans the country’s length from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

It has been given its name ‘Pahautea’ due to the Pahautea trees nearby, aging 600 – 700 years old.

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