Starveall Hut (Flashback)

#13 – 15th November 2012

This wee hut is located just below Mt Starveall in the Mt Richmond Forest Park. It sleeps 8, has a good little fireplace, and boasts the best views from a backcountry long-drop I’ve ever encountered. Lol.

Access is via the Mt Richmond Alpine Track which forms part of the Te Araroa, after coming off the Pelorous River Track. You can also access the hut from Aniseed Valley Road, near Richmond, south of Nelson. The track follows a stream for a good section so not good for during or directly after heavy rain.

The day I visited my cousin & I were thinking how likely we were to have the hut all to ourselves, we were wrong. We emerged to a sight of wine, cheese, and other unlikely tramping luxurys and 4 lovely ladys who had been helicoptered to the top of the hill for one of their 40th birthdays! How cool! Seen as they only needed to walk down their food selection was undeniably better than our 10 day stretch selection. They were a great bunch 🙂

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