Daly’s Clearing Hut

#52 – 18th August 2015

This hut holds 16 people in two bunkrooms. It has a kitchen and dining area but no fire, so bring ample warmth with you in the cooler months. It is located in a good sized clearing suitable for camping, with a wee picnic table.

You can access this hut within an hour and a half via the Waitawheta Tramway Track and the Daly’s Clearing Track. Its also part of the Daly’s Clearing Loop Track, and the first hut on the North South Track.

Its been painted recently with the help of Dulux in partnership with DOC. A number of people including the 1st Tauranga Scout Group were on hand to make it happen. Dulux is involved with DOC in a 3year agreement to help a number of our huts, donating thousands of litres of paint to ensure they are kept weatherproof.

We stopped here for lunch, and a toilet break, where we noticed the long drop was colour co-ordinated to match the hut 🙂 Haha – Good work Dulux! 🙂

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