The Packhorse Hut (Flashback)

#29 – 14th November 2014

This unique wee hut holds 9 in two separate bunkrooms along with a small living area with a fireplace. Its located on the Banks Peninsula area near Christchurch and is the most accessible hut from a city that I’m aware of.

With a ferry across to Diamond Harbour from Lyttleton you can access the hut via the Mt Herbert Track. It can also be accessed from Charteris Bay, Gebbies Valley, and the Kaituna Valley (shortest route).

The hut is made of stone and is part of a series of resthouses planned and built by Harry Ell from Christchurch to Akaroa. It was built in 1914 and designed by Samuel Hurst Seager.

I shared my visit here with a small group of people up from Christchurch and a small family.

It is also the only time out hiking I’ve ever thought I might need a helicopter. This is after managing to fall from the top bunk and land on my back winding myself severely, unable to move or talk for at least 5minutes. I had no-one to blame but myself as I tried to do this without exiting my sleeping bag – it was cold (needless to say I always exit my sleeping bag first now). Don’t be off safety guard just because you have made it to the hut!

Further Information:

Restoring the Sign of the Packhorse Hut


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