Island Gully Hut (Flashback)

#21 – 25th November 2012

This cracker gem of a hut is in the Molesworth Station located between St Arnaud and Hanmer Springs. Its a small hut holding 4 people in two bunks with a fire. It has an amazing view from the front door. Also accessible by bike or car, it is just down from Island Saddle – 1347m, the highest point on a road accessible to the public in New Zealand .

Molesworth Station is absolutely incredible. It can be very barren and bare looking, but albeit incredibly beautiful. Its a working farm of 180,787 hectares administered DOC and Landcorp Farming Limited that focuses both on its farming and conservation values. There is an insane amount of history in here and many walks, bike rides, and drives you can do.

The weather in here is known for its extremes; snowy, windy, cold, and hot. Snow can fall in here at any time of the year. Its also an area that is of national ecological significance, home to 70 threatened plant species. It’s a very diverse landscape and also supports threatened wildlife.

My cousin Sheena and I visited this hut on a diversion from the Te Araroa trail when we couldn’t get through the Nelson Lakes route due to late snow. With permission from Rainbow Station (outside summer open season) you can walk right through to Hanmer Springs from St Arnaud with a sprinkle of huts to get you through, this being one of them.

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