Peach Cove Hut (Flashback)

#45 – 2nd February 2015

This picturesque wee hut is perched amoungst the bush at Peach Cove just above the beach. Its located in the Bream Head Scenic Reserve at Whangarei Heads.

The hut holds 8 people with a large picnic table atop a lovely decking area. It is a bookable hut with a combination lock on it so you need to book ahead.

It is accessible via the Te Whara Track from Ocean Beach or from Urquharts Bay via the Busby Head Track. Quickest walking access however, is on the Peach Cove Track in approximately one hour. You could also make a landing here by boat or kayak on the beach below.

We came in via the Te Whara track on the Te Araroa Trail and dropped down for lunch before heading out via the Busby Head Track. Its a great walk the whole way along with great views and an old World War 2 Radar Station to check out. It’s a moderately demanding walk with some steep sections, and ups & downs, but if you’re up for it I totally recommend it 🙂


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