Coldwater Hut (Flashback)

#36 – 18th April 2014

This pretty wee hut is located on the edge of Lake Rotoiti, in Nelson Lakes National Park. It’s a lesser visited hut just off the Travers Sabine Circuit as most people will tend to stay at Lakehead Hut. I think its well worth the 15 – 30 minute detour to stay here instead. There is a river crossing, but most times this is very straightforward.

The hut holds 12 people on platforms and has a wonderful open fireplace. It has a jetty right on its front doorstep and it is also possible to arrive by boat, as well as by the tracks either side of the lake. There is a water taxi service that will take you here if desired.

Lake Rotoiti is a stunning lake, meaning ‘small waters’ in Maori. It is a home to long finned eels which are protected here and you will see them in  the lake near the jettys. They are extremely slow growing and eventually migrate to Tonga for breeding. There is also a lot of pest control work done by DOC in the area surrounding the lake to help preserve and restore native wildlife in this area.

We shared this hut with a few young ladies from overseas. We also had a group or two arrive by boat in the morning to head up to Mt Angelus 6 hours further on.

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