Cape Brett Hut

#48 – 23rd July 2015

This hut sits in a cracker location at the end of the Cape Brett Penninsula, in the Bay of Islands. You can reach it directly by water taxi at the Cape Brett jetty, by water taxi and 2 1/2 hour walk from Deep Water Cove jetty, or by 8 hour walk from Rawhiti.

The hut holds 23 people in two bunkrooms. Its a large hut with heaps of space, gas cookers, and a good sized living area. It does not have a fire. The hut must be booked and is not covered under the annual hut pass. There is also a track fee for private land if you are hiking in from Rawhiti, which can be paid for online when you book the hut.

It is actually one of three old lighthouse keepers houses (the other two are now gone), and has some good reading in the hut about the history here. The lighthouse sits a 20 minute walk above the hut and was last manned on the 5th October 1978. Since it was first lit the 21st of February 1910,  there was a total of 26 main lighthouse keepers along with 95 other assistant and relief keepers. There is some amazing history here and the link below to one of the hut’s books has a tonne of information about the lighthouse – you have to check out the last entry in the lighthouse log which is both funny and sad. It’s last keeper had a great sense of humour and a wonderful log entry to bid goodbye to his lighthouse in the face of changing technology 🙂

My partner and I spent two nights here with perfect weather. I’d totally recommend spending a day here in good weather, its an amazing spot to be. You have a view out across the Bay of Islands area out towards the famous wee hole in the rock. You’ll see a bit of boat action here and will love the remoteness of the place, particularly if you have made the full hike in.

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