Fern Burn Hut

#23 – 9th December 2012

The Fern Burn hut is the first hut of three on the Motutapu Track running from Wanaka to Arrowtown. This track takes 3-4 days and is also part of the Te Araroa Trail. The hut is perched at a valley junction about 3-4 hours walk in from the beginning of the track at the Wanaka end near Glendhu Bay.

It holds 12 people on two platforms but has no fire. A lovely decking outside catches the sun nicely for lazing about or drying your gear.

The Motutapu track is for the most part over private pastoral land once owned by Shania Twain, by public easement agreement. It also passes breifly through the Stack Conservation Area which is a beautiful section of the track under the bush canopy following the river, and some conservation land at Macetown.

I’ve visited this hut twice. Once as part of my 2012 section hike of the Te Araroa, and once as a day trip in from Glendhu Bay. Its a cracker spot for a lunchbreak before a day trip turnaround. On our daytrip we bumped into some keen young trail runners who stopped briefly on a run right through to Macetown!

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