Mangatepopo Hut

#1 – 1st January 2012

This hut is particularly special (at least to me) as it is the hut that launched my passion and is where it all began 🙂

It’s a top hut too, located on one of the busiest stretches of track you’ll find in New Zealand and for good reason. The volcanic landscape of the Tongariro National Park in which it sits is incredible! It is the first hut that you will pass on your day walk of the Tongariro Crossing, and could be your first overnight stop on the Northern Circuit – the parks great walk.

The hut holds 20 people in two bunkrooms with a good sized living area, and a wee decking. During the great walks season there is also cookers available, and the heating is gas.

You can reach the hut in under an hour from the Mangetepopo carpark or in 3hours from Whakapapa Village which is a good beginning and end point for a Northern Circuit as you will find places here to stay, eat and drink for your return. The visitor centre here is great too and they can help you with your hut bookings.

The hut also makes a real good base for a trip up Mt Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom), and to the summit of Mt Tongariro itself (much easier).

This first trip to this hut I only stopped for water, and I was walking our Tongariro Crossing for the first time. Not long after I returned to do the Northern Circuit and this hut became my first ever overnight hut experience. I met some great people the second time, and the scenery was as spectacular as ever!!

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