Upper Gridiron Hut

#65 – 14th November 2015

I had heard about this wee gem long before I managed to visit it. A hut…. wedged into a rockface…? How cool!! Unique for sure!!

Nestled just a 2 hour walk in from the carpark in the Kahurangi National Park, this hut is within easy reach of most people. The gradient is easy, and it happens to be a dual use track so you can bike to this hut too!

The hut sleeps three inside and you could sleep a few extra outside on the extra mattresses. The rock face inside literally makes one of the hut walls – its so cool 🙂 There is no fire inside anymore but there is a fire pit outside the hut with a swinging bench chair. What a brilliant spot to spend the summer evening!

My fiancée and I visited this hut on a round trip past Mt Arthur Hut and we stopped here for lunch before heading back to Flora Hut for the night. There was a heap of people using the area when we were there and we passed many groups. The great thing about this track is it has a hut intentions book at the beginning so you can see who is where before heading off. This is awesome as you can adjust your plans accordingly and perhaps go to a different hut if one is full 🙂

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