Atiwhakatu Hut

#82 – 9th January 2017

Kicking off 2017 to an amazing start had me visiting this beautifully located hut in the Tararua Forest Park; a favourite hiking area of mine.

It is situated on the Holdsworth – Jumbo Circuit which is one of the most popular tramps in the park. Its an easy 2 hours from the road end to this hut and continuing on this circuit to both the Jumbo and Powell Hut is a good 2-3 day circuit for anyone with reasonable hiking experience. The tops are notorious for wind and weather in general though so pick your weather well – not lest of which will give you better views as well as keep you safe 🙂

The hut is accessed from the Holdsworth Road just out of Masterton, and should be booked between Labour weekend and Easter – covered  by the hut pass if you hold one. It holds 26 people in two rooms on sleeping platforms with a good sized kitchen and dining area and an amazing outdoor area with a cracker deck, picnic table and a few spots to light a small outdoor fire.

On our visit we shared the hut with a bunch of young adults from the Wellington area and a handful of families with children from 2 -14 years old enjoying the amazing spot that it is. Its a perfect hut to visit as an introduction to the outdoors actually as the track is well maintained and its a relatively short hike. We will be back with our young one once it’s born as soon as it is able to sit happily in a child carrying rucksack – can’t wait!! In fact I dare say our baby was one week in the making on this trip so I’ll have to log this as it’s first hut – still counts right??! 🙂


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