Who took the photos?:

Unless otherwise stated (and vary rarely) I’ve taken all the photos myself on my visit to the hut. Please forgive the first 50 or so huts as these were for the most part visited before I started making a record of my journey, and are mostly on my iPhone. They are also sometimes not even of the whole hut.

I’ve acquired a decent camera now so the photos should improve. If I post on the go though away from my computer it’ll likely be an iPhone shot until I can replace it with the camera shot.

See page regarding ‘Blog Content Copyrights’ for more information regarding use of photos.

Who is my target audience?:

My primary target audience is kiwis; young and old, male or female, from all walks of life. That said, my wider audience is anyone, anywhere in the world, who is passionate about NZ huts with a view to help protect them.

It’s my goal to get everyone out there visiting our huts and falling in love with them, after which they will not be able to help but to want to protect them 🙂

Are you going to write a book at the end of all this?

Yes, definitely!…..

Watch this space 🙂 😛

What’s my favourite hut?:

This question is insane! Sometimes I think I know, most of the time I just can’t choose!! I love them all! ….. I’ll keep thinking on this one …. stay tuned…..

Contact Details?:

Need to contact me for some reason?

I have an email set up – contact me at thegemsinourbackyard@gmail.com



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