Atiwhakatu Hut

#82 - 9th January 2017 Kicking off 2017 to an amazing start had me visiting this beautifully located hut in the Tararua Forest Park; a favourite hiking area of mine. It is situated on the Holdsworth - Jumbo Circuit which is one of the most popular tramps in the park. Its an easy 2 hours… Continue reading Atiwhakatu Hut


Sylvester Hut

#78 - 1st July 2016 My latest adventure back out to the fantastic Cobb Valley took me back to some old favourites and also up to visit this cracker hut for the first time. Situated a 500m or so ascent up from the carpark at the Cobb Dam , this hike is on a well… Continue reading Sylvester Hut

A love affair with NZ huts; Where it all began…. (and the journey so far) <3

Stepping off NZ’s infamous Tongariro Crossing in 2012, little did I know it then but I had sewn the seed that would bring me to where I am today – a passionate visitor to our beautiful backyard with a soft spot for our huts & shelters. Mangetepopo Hut on the Northern Circuit soon after became… Continue reading A love affair with NZ huts; Where it all began…. (and the journey so far) ❤

Mangatepopo Hut

#1 - 1st January 2012 This hut is particularly special (at least to me) as it is the hut that launched my passion and is where it all began 🙂 It's a top hut too, located on one of the busiest stretches of track you'll find in New Zealand and for good reason. The volcanic landscape of… Continue reading Mangatepopo Hut

Mt Arthur Hut

#63 - 13th November 2015 This awesome cozy hut is tucked into the hillside on the way up Mt Arthur in Kahurangi National Park. It's a really easy access hut that would be suitable for just about anybody  with the track having recently been upgraded. It is to a walking track standard with a pretty easy gradient for the most… Continue reading Mt Arthur Hut

Mangaehuehu Hut (Flashback)

#31 - 31st December 2013 The Mangaehuehu Hut is situated on Mt Ruapehu's  'Round the Mountain Track' in the Tongariro National Park. The hut sits at an altitude of 1285m, holding 18 people with a good fireplace. It even comes complete with its own can crusher (located out the back), so don't be afraid of carrying the old traditional canned food… Continue reading Mangaehuehu Hut (Flashback)

Coldwater Hut (Flashback)

#36 - 18th April 2014 This pretty wee hut is located on the edge of Lake Rotoiti, in Nelson Lakes National Park. It's a lesser visited hut just off the Travers Sabine Circuit as most people will tend to stay at Lakehead Hut. I think its well worth the 15 - 30 minute detour to… Continue reading Coldwater Hut (Flashback)