Sylvester Hut

#78 - 1st July 2016 My latest adventure back out to the fantastic Cobb Valley took me back to some old favourites and also up to visit this cracker hut for the first time. Situated a 500m or so ascent up from the carpark at the Cobb Dam , this hike is on a well… Continue reading Sylvester Hut


Chaffey Hut

#75 - 26th February 2016 This hut has been on my list for a while now and I think it easily meets my criteria for being a favourite!! It's practically the cutest hut Ive ever met - all made of birch wood right down to the bunk beds, with the stone steps at the entrance.… Continue reading Chaffey Hut

Mt Arthur Hut

#63 - 13th November 2015 This awesome cozy hut is tucked into the hillside on the way up Mt Arthur in Kahurangi National Park. It's a really easy access hut that would be suitable for just about anybody  with the track having recently been upgraded. It is to a walking track standard with a pretty easy gradient for the most… Continue reading Mt Arthur Hut