Atiwhakatu Hut

#82 - 9th January 2017 Kicking off 2017 to an amazing start had me visiting this beautifully located hut in the Tararua Forest Park; a favourite hiking area of mine. It is situated on the Holdsworth - Jumbo Circuit which is one of the most popular tramps in the park. Its an easy 2 hours… Continue reading Atiwhakatu Hut


Mangahao Flats Hut

#55 - 1st October 2015 Located in the Tararua Forest Park, this brilliant hut is nestled up on a terrace alongside the Mangahao River. You can either access it from the Mangahao Upper No.1 Reservoir behind Shannon, or by dropping down into the valley from Te Matawai Hut. The hut has an awesome woodburner and 16 bunks… Continue reading Mangahao Flats Hut