A love affair with NZ huts; Where it all began…. (and the journey so far) <3

Stepping off NZ’s infamous Tongariro Crossing in 2012, little did I know it then but I had sewn the seed that would bring me to where I am today – a passionate visitor to our beautiful backyard with a soft spot for our huts & shelters. Mangetepopo Hut on the Northern Circuit soon after became… Continue reading A love affair with NZ huts; Where it all began…. (and the journey so far) ❤


Mangatepopo Hut

#1 - 1st January 2012 This hut is particularly special (at least to me) as it is the hut that launched my passion and is where it all began 🙂 It's a top hut too, located on one of the busiest stretches of track you'll find in New Zealand and for good reason. The volcanic landscape of… Continue reading Mangatepopo Hut

Coldwater Hut (Flashback)

#36 - 18th April 2014 This pretty wee hut is located on the edge of Lake Rotoiti, in Nelson Lakes National Park. It's a lesser visited hut just off the Travers Sabine Circuit as most people will tend to stay at Lakehead Hut. I think its well worth the 15 - 30 minute detour to… Continue reading Coldwater Hut (Flashback)

Peach Cove Hut (Flashback)

#45 - 2nd February 2015 This picturesque wee hut is perched amoungst the bush at Peach Cove just above the beach. Its located in the Bream Head Scenic Reserve at Whangarei Heads. The hut holds 8 people with a large picnic table atop a lovely decking area. It is a bookable hut with a combination lock on it so you need… Continue reading Peach Cove Hut (Flashback)

Rocks Hut (Flashback)

#10 - 11th November 2012 This hut sits up on top of the Bryant Range between the Pelorus River and Nelson City, in the Mt Richmond Forest Park. Its a 16 bunk hut with a good fire and open plan set up.  The fire here does good toasted marshmellows. It can be reached via the Rocks Track just prior… Continue reading Rocks Hut (Flashback)

Old Man Hut (Flashback)

#15 - 18th November 2012 This huts a great wee gem! Brilliant little set up inside with a corner fire, sleeps 5, with a resident herd of goats and a couple of weka! Located along the Mt Richmond Alpine Track in Mt Richmond Forest Park, along the Te Araroa, it can also be located via the Goulter… Continue reading Old Man Hut (Flashback)

Starveall Hut (Flashback)

#13 - 15th November 2012 This wee hut is located just below Mt Starveall in the Mt Richmond Forest Park. It sleeps 8, has a good little fireplace, and boasts the best views from a backcountry long-drop I've ever encountered. Lol. Access is via the Mt Richmond Alpine Track which forms part of the Te… Continue reading Starveall Hut (Flashback)

Blue Lake Hut (Flashback)

#41 - 23 April 2014 The Blue Lake Hut is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park 1190m above sea level. Its a short side trip from the popular Travers Sabine Circuit, and also along the Te Araroa Trail. Access to this hut can also be gained by crossing over the Moss Pass from the… Continue reading Blue Lake Hut (Flashback)